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Wrapped BCH

Wrapped BCH (WBCH) represents an equal amount of Bitcoin Cash (BCH), transforming it into a cashtoken format on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain. This enables BCH to be used as a cashtoken in smart contracts and decentralized applications on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain.


Rare Red Emerald Cash on BCH Blockchain.

The Reapers

The Reapers pioneered work on SBCH and a great community formed around the project, but with the collapse of SBCH the Reapers were in need of a solution! We're developing a bridge so Reapers can be ported over to the growing CashTokens ecosystem on Bitcoin Cash!


DogeCash is the fastest, cheapest to send Doge in crypto and the #1 meme coin on the BitcoinCash blockchain.

Cash Ninjas

Cash-Ninjas is an NFT collection leveraging the new CashTokens technology on Bitcoin Cash with OpenAI enhancements to provide names and extensive descriptions for each Cash-Ninja!


A unique, on-chain, peer-to-peer crypto price prediction game and NFT collection, built on Bitcoin Cash mainchain.

FURU Tokens

Free Play access tokens to BCH Guru NFT holders.

BitCats Heroes

BitCats Heroes Club is an NFT collection that uses the CashTokens protocol in Bitcoin Cash. This comprises of 10K unique hand-drawn digital images of cats. It serves as a preliminary showcase of Paytaca and CashTokens' potential to build DeFi apps.

BCH SocialFi

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"The nature of Bitcoin is such that once version 0.1 was released, the core design was set in stone for the rest of its lifetime." - Satoshi Nakamoto

Bitcoin Cash DeFi

CashTokens Studio

Create your own CashTokens with this innovative new studio application!

BCH Explorer

CashTokens support with transactions analytics.

NFT Viewer

By searching for a BitcoinCash address you can browse, track and share CashTokens NFT collections

Token Stork is a market-cap site for BCH CashTokens built and maintained by George Donnelly.

UTXO Wallet Connect

No longer is Wallet Connect EVM only. UTXO support has been added making Bitcoin Cash interactions in DeFi that much more seamless.

Cash Script

Most DeFi applications are currently built on top of the EVM. Bitcoin Cash contracts use a different paradigm than EVM chains due to its UTXO architecture. But with CashTokens, transaction introspection and local state, DeFi is very much possible on Bitcoin Cash.

BCH Games is one of the global leaders in the Bitcoin Cash gambling industry. It provides the most fun, fair and frictionless BCH betting experience there is in 2023.


BCH BULL is a unique web application that allows users, "Bulls", to take long positions with leverage, or hedge, with Bitcoin Cash against a number of other metals, fiat and crypto assets, all done entirely using smart contracts on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain. The application is exceptional as it is one of the few decentralised and non-custodial applications in operation on a layer 1 UTXO blockchain, thus placing it at the forefront of a new frontier in cryptocurrency technology.

Cauldron DEX

Cauldron is a novel implementation of Constant Product Market Maker (CPMM) contracts on Bitcoin Cash using a micro-pools approach. By harnessing the inherent properties of Bitcoin Cash, particularly the UTXO model’s ability to hold tokens and BCH simultaneously, Cauldron enables decentralized liquidity pools tailored for the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem. The micro-pools approach circumvents the need for a global state by allowing individual users to operate their own CPMM contracts, offering unparalleled scalability.

Emerald DAO (PoC)

Emerald DAO is a simple Bitcoin Cash DAO template which acts as a fixed-term deposit savings vault with optional crowdfunded rewards scheme. Each depositor interacting with the DAO will be creating a time-locked safebox UTXO and a matching keycard NFT UTXO. Upon expiry of the time-lock, user will have the option to burn the keycard NFT UTXO to open the safebox and access the deposited BCH + holding reward, or he may keep the keycard NFT indefinitely as a collectible.

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Stake SideShift Token (XAI) on-chain and receive svXAI in return. Earn 25% of’s revenue, distributed daily.


At Bitgree, through third parties, you can buy things paying with BCH in stores that don't (yet) accept it. In addition, being a peer to peer process, it works in a decentralized way. You can buy things or get Bitcoin Cash without using an exchange.Use or earn Bitcoin Cash privately. No one except the other party to the agreement will know that you are using Bitcoin Cash. Not even the store will know that Bitcoin Cash has been used as a payment intermediary.


"Buy & Sell assets without the involvement of a central authority. Keep your trades confidential and safe using our opensource non-custodial escrow system"


A decentralized Bitcoin Cash P2P Marketplace for CashTokens.

Slime Shadies

Slime Shadies: Shady Battlegrounds is live on BCH main-chain. Head over to the site & link your BCH wallet to play.


Cypher Cat is an anonymous cypherpunk and BCH developer seeking to help educate people about BitcoinCash as much as possible. The main objective of cryptocurrency is to offer a proper alternative to the collapsing fiat regime we were all coerced into participating in. Our purchasing power has been stolen over decades. We must stand our ground for future generations. Join the BitcoinCash community and fight for a better future built with better cash.


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Learn BCH

Cash Currency

BitcoinCash operates as a decentralized peer-to-peer electronic cash system, allowing users to send and receive payments without the need for a centralized intermediary like a bank. This provides fast and low-cost transactions that can be sent anywhere in the world. BitcoinCash can be used to purchase goods and services in the same way as fiat currencies, and it has increasing acceptance among merchants and retailers.

Satoshis vs Dollars

1 dollar (USD) is the base currency of the United States dollar supply. 1 sat is the base currency of the BitcoinCash supply. The main difference between the sat and the dollar is that sats are limited in quantity whereas dollars are constantly printed. Dollars have lost 97% purchasing power and will continue to lose more in time.

1 sat = 1 sat the same way 1 USD = 1 USD, however as usage of the BCH blockchain increases the purchasing power of sats increases as well.

BitcoinCash has 3 main units.
BCH (BitcoinCash) = 100,000,000 sats
mBCH(milliBitcoinCash) = 100,000 sats
sats (satoshis) = 1 sat

Designed to Absorb the $2.1+ Quadrillion Dollar Derivatives Bubble

2.1 Quadrillion is the exact number of sats that exist on BitcoinCash. It's also the size of the derivatives bubble.Satoshi didn't pick a random number, it's not a meme, it's a message. A preliminary staff report was submitted to the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission in 2010 by Stanford University. Satoshi chose 2.1 Quadrillion just before this official document was submitted.While the inevitable failure of USD comes down to terrible mismanagement by government and financial organizations, sats exist to absorb the collapse of the derivatives debt bubble as USD loses global support in favor of BCH.When value collapses, in this case it doesn't have to disappear, it only transfers into something more limited in supply which can store value, and give people unlimited access to value and total control over how they spend it. The world needs sats to be the solution, it needs BitcoinCash.

Pseudonymous (or) Anonymous

Cash must function both publicly and privately, it's what makes it a unique form of currency and it's what allows the entire world to adopt it for its various purposes. BCH is perfect at this. Stay pseudonymous or completely disappear by fusing your cash with CashFusion.Bitcoin Cash has the unique ability to be "fused" and "unfused," entering a state of total anonymity at will. This is of course an optional yet incredibly powerful feature unique to BCH.

1000x Efficiency Advantage

The BitcoinCash UTXO (Unspent Transaction Output) model is often cited as having a 1000x efficiency advantage over the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) in terms of transaction and block validation . This efficiency advantage can be attributed to several factors:Simplicity of the UTXO ModelThe UTXO model used by BCH is simpler compared to the account-based model used by Ethereum. In the UTXO model, each transaction consumes specific inputs (unspent outputs) and creates new outputs. This simplicity allows for faster validation and processing of transactions.Parallel ProcessingThe UTXO model allows for parallel processing of transactions, which can significantly improve efficiency. Since each transaction is independent and does not rely on the state of other transactions, multiple transactions can be processed simultaneously, leading to faster validation and block creation.Reduced State SizeThe UTXO model does not require the storage of the entire state of the blockchain. Instead, it only needs to keep track of unspent transaction outputs. This reduces the storage requirements and allows for faster access to transaction data.

Block Size LimitBitcoinCash has a larger maximum block size compared to Bitcoin, allowing for more transactions to be included in each block. This larger block size provides higher throughput and can contribute to the efficiency advantage over the Ethereum Virtual Machine.

Limitless Scalability

BitcoinCash community has a conviction to maintain high speeds and low transaction costs into the future as it onboards the world. Achievable with adjustable block-size and future side-chains. BCH will be capable of auto-scaling itself in an upcoming CHIP via dynamic block size limit activation May 2024

CHIPs: Processes for consensus changes

The CHIP process on the BCH network is designed to be systematic, accountable, predictable, non-coercive, and gradual, allowing for thorough evaluation and commitment before any proposed changes are implemented. This structured approach ensures the network's stability both in minimizing controversial, reckless changes and accommodating widely accepted, needed changes.

Instant Transactions

BCH allows for more transactions to be processed per block greatly decreasing the likelihood of congestion resulting in faster transactions, confirmations and cheaper transaction costs. BCH runs at 224 transactions per second (TPS) scalable up to at least 25,000 and will be capable of even more as needed as Moore's Law dictates.

Double Spend Proofs

A double spend attack can be used, for instance, to redirect payments sent to a specific merchant to a different target and thus defraud the merchant. The basic concept of a double spend is that (at least) one unspent output is spent twice in different transactions which forces miners to pick one of them to mine.At its most basic level, this can be detected by finding two signed inputs both spending the same output. In the case of pay-to-public-key-hash (P2PKH) this means two signatures from the same public key.Cryptographic signatures in Bitcoin Cash follow the “fork-id” algorithm described here. Since a hash of the transaction is signed, the protocol sends only the intermediate components used to build the preimage for the hash, while still allowing receivers to validate both signatures of the same public key, and therefore proving that a double spend has taken place.

Zero-Conf Readiness

You can't beat instant! Zero-conf = zero wait time for end users. ATM's, Exchanges and POS systems all take advantage of zero-confirmation transactions, and are undoubtedly essential to achieving mass adoption. It's important that a blockchain is not in a state of congestion for these kinds of transactions to be safe, instant and viable for everyday business. Zero-confirmation transactions on BitcoinCash are historically safer than with any other cryptocurrency due to double spend proofs, lack of RBF (replace by fee) code and unmatched focus on scalability.

Cost Efficient

3,800x cheaper on average to transact than BTC. BitcoinCash is considered to be more cost-efficient than Bitcoin due to its scalability focus.Furthermore, BitcoinCash implemented a feature called Schnorr signatures that allows for a reduction in the digital signature size, which means more transactions can fit into each block. Schnorr signatures also improve security and privacy of transactions.Overall, the scaling block size limit and Schnorr signatures make BitcoinCash a more cost-efficient choice especially for those looking to do frequent transactions without high fees.

Energy Efficient

Save energy per transaction using BitcoinCash over BTC.

Unmatched UTXO Model

Smart contracts are stored on-chain as UTXOs containing scripts in various programming languages. These scripts define complex conditions for spending the UTXO, enabling BitcoinCash to support advanced use cases, such as decentralized finance (DeFi) and tokenization.

Introspection Opcodes

BitcoinCash (BCH) is the only Bitcoin technology chain with L1 TX Introspection opcodes. L1 TX Introspection opcodes refer to low-level operations that allow a program to inspect the contents of a transaction.Full introspection opcodes enable UTXO smart contracts, on chain tokens, atomic swaps, high-security wallets, time-delayed withdrawals, distress modes, and much more.

A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash
System (CashTokens)

Cash Tokens allows developers to issue both fungible and non-fungible tokens atop the blockchain, enabling on-chain smart contract functionality and paving the way for various economic activities on the most robust UTXO blockchain. Cash Tokens can be held by any contract, and wallets can easily verify the ownership and balance of tokens by contracting the token schema. Cash Tokens are designed to be as simple as possible, allowing developers to rapidly create tokens that can be used for a wide variety of purposes. A wide range of items can be issued on the BitcoinCash blockchain including loyalty points, dividends, tickets, NFTs, stablecoins and more. Developers can create their own tokens on the BitcoinCash blockchain, which can then be used for a wide variety of purposes such as higher-security vaults, decentralized exchanges (DEXs), and bridged sidechains.

64-Bit Architecture

BitcoinCash being 64-bit offers several advantages that contribute to its overall functionality and efficiency. Here are some key advantages:Increased Address SpaceOne of the primary advantages of BCH being 64-bit is the increased address space it provides. With a 64-bit architecture, BCH can support a significantly larger number of unique addresses compared to a 32-bit architecture. This allows for more users and transactions to be accommodated.Enhanced SecurityThe larger address space provided by a 64-bit architecture improves the security of BCH. With more possible addresses, the likelihood of address collisions and the associated security risks decreases. This reduces the chances of accidental or intentional address reuse, which can compromise privacy and security.Improved PerformanceA 64-bit architecture can enhance the performance of BitcoinCash (BCH) by allowing for more efficient data processing. It enables the use of larger data types and more extensive memory addressing, which can lead to faster and more efficient calculations and operations.Compatibility with Modern SystemsAs technology advances, 64-bit systems have become the standard for many modern devices and operating systems. By adopting a 64-bit architecture, BCH ensures compatibility with these systems, making it easier for users to interact with the blockchain and utilize the cryptocurrency.

Future-ProofingChoosing a 64-bit architecture for BitcoinCash helps future-proof itself. It provides scalability and flexibility to accommodate potential future developments and advancements in technology. This ensures that BitcoinCash can adapt to evolving requirements and maintain its relevance in the long term.ConclusionIn summary, BitcoinCash being 64-bit offers advantages such as increased address space, enhanced security, improved performance, compatibility with modern systems, and future-proofing. These benefits contribute to the overall functionality and efficiency of the BitcoinCash blockchain.

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Everything On-Chain

BitcoinCash prides itself for it's everything on-chain focus. The BitcoinCash community places a high priority on having everything on-chain because it enables a more decentralized and trustless system. By having smart contracts and tokens on-chain, it eliminates the need for third parties or intermediaries to facilitate transactions or enforce agreements, which can introduce counterparty risk and potentially compromise the security and reliability of the system. Additionally, having everything on-chain enables more autonomy and control for users and developers, who can take advantage of the robust UTXO model to create and manage tokens and execute smart contract logic directly on the blockchain. Tokens can be issued and managed on-chain, which opens up new possibilities for economic activity and innovation. Emphasis on an on-chain system aligns with the original intentions behind Bitcoin as a decentralized and open blockchain, and reflects the community's commitment to maintaining these values.

Profitable to Decentralize

BitcoinCash is decentralized digital cash that isn't controlled by any government or financial institution, removing the need for intermediaries. In a decentralized system, decision-making is distributed among all network participants, and transactions are validated by a consensus mechanism in which multiple nodes participate in solving computational puzzles to add new blocks to the blockchain.Achieving lower fees while being more profitable is made possible via storage demand requirements communicated to nodes by a dynamically-scaling block size (coming soon) all at low cost thanks to Moore's Law.Increased throughout = Increased earningsex. TX Cost × Max tested TPSBCH$0.01 × 25,000 = $250 / secondBTC$5 × 7 = $35 / second*BCH is at least 7× more profitable to scale (unlimited soon) BTC's only option is to charge higher TX costs limiting growthHigh fees = limited number of users & transactionsLow fees = unlimited number of users & transactionsNodes capable of solving cryptographic hash functions secure the blockchain & prevent fraudulent activity. Transaction fees are paid to these nodes, the more transactions, the fuller the blocks, the cheaper it is for users. BCH is more profitable to decentralize as BCH allows for vastly more users & transactions at lower costs meaning exponentially more profit.

Monitor Active Node Operations

Cash that Stores Value

As adoption increases and demand for BitcoinCash grows, overall value grows only as a reflection of blockchain usage, making it more akin to a store of value than any traditional currency. With hardening purchasing power, BCH distinguishes itself from government-issued fiat currencies that are frequently inflated and devalued.

Emerald ColorEmeralds have remained highly sought after for centuries due to the stunning green color, associated with luxury, elegance and prestige.Emeralds are historically 1000× more valuable than Gold due to their incredible demand.

DeflationaryBitcoinCash can be deflationary when tokens are lost or burned because doing so reduces the overall supply of the token. This is because tokens that are lost or burned are effectively removed from circulation, reducing the total number of available tokens in existence. If demand for the token remains the same, the reduced supply can lead to a higher value for the token. This is because with fewer tokens available, each remaining token becomes more valuable to the system.

Limited SupplyBCH has a limited supply. The maximum supply is capped at 21 million, this limit will eventually be reached as new BCH are mined over time. This is intended to provide scarcity and prevent excessive inflation.Notably, BCH is divisible up to 8 decimal places so while entire units of BCH increase in value so will the underlying smaller units called "Satoshis" otherwise known as "sats."

Verifiable Truth

BitcoinCash maintains a simpler, more straightforward transaction format that is more comparable to the original Bitcoin protocol. Keeping signatures on the blockchain makes it easier to verify a transaction's authenticity and provides a more secure and tamper-proof record of transactions.

Immutable Blockchain

Immutability is a fundamental characteristic of BCH. It refers to the inability of the transaction history on the blockchain to be modified or altered once it has been recorded. This means that all transactions are permanent and irreversible once they have been processed and included in a block. This immutability is achieved through the use of cryptographic hash functions and consensus mechanisms that ensure that all nodes have the same view of the transaction history. Bitcoin Cash's consensus mechanism, Proof-of-Work (PoW), makes it difficult for a single entity to alter the transaction history as it would require more than 51% control of the blockchains resources. Immutability is important because it provides trust and security by preventing fraudulent activity and ensuring that all transactions are transparent and publicly visible.

For more information read the whitepaper.